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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Tennessee

How Much Money Will it Take to Get a Divorce in Nashville and Surrounding Areas As a divorce attorney, one of the very first questions I answer in initial consultations with clients is how much the divorce will cost.  This is always one of, if not the, most important concerns my clients have.  According to [...]

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Tennessee2019-12-02T06:10:40+00:00

What is a Fiduciary

The Importance of Fiduciaries in Estate Planning What is a “fiduciary,” and why is it important to know what a fiduciary does?  If you are planning your estate, you really need to have a good handle on what the term means.  Your fiduciary may be your attorney, your executor, your trustee, a guardian, or your [...]

What is a Fiduciary2019-11-10T16:23:34+00:00

3 Reasons Fathers Need to Establish Paternity Today

Fathers have rights in Tennessee. Every unmarried father should establish paternity of his child. If you are not married when your child is born, your child does not automatically have a legal father and you—even as the biological father--do not have any rights to your child.  If parents are unmarried when their child [...]

3 Reasons Fathers Need to Establish Paternity Today2017-01-16T22:36:20+00:00

2016 Year-End Trusts and Estates Update

There are recent developments affecting trust and estate planning that may be of interest. Delay in regulations restricting valuation discounts. The IRS has proposed to prohibit the use of certain discounts when valuing interests in family-controlled properties and interests.  Recently, the IRS delayed the final regulations.  This estate-planning tool remains available for the time being. [...]

2016 Year-End Trusts and Estates Update2016-12-31T22:44:56+00:00

Just Married? 3 Ways to Structure Your Will to Protect Your Loved Ones

Congratulations on your new marriage! The wedding day you thought would never arrive has come and gone and that honeymoon tan is wearing off; it’s time to get down to business (and no, I’m not talking about getting out those “thank you” cards).  Now is the perfect time to put a few estate planning items [...]

Just Married? 3 Ways to Structure Your Will to Protect Your Loved Ones2016-12-14T16:44:46+00:00

10 Tips for Family Caregivers

By Presidential Proclamation, November is National Caregivers Month, a time when “we reaffirm our support for those who give of themselves to be there for their family, friends, and neighbors in challenging times,” a time to “lift up those who work to tirelessly advance the health and wellness of those they love.” During this time, [...]

10 Tips for Family Caregivers2016-11-21T19:21:14+00:00
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