2016 Year-End Trusts and Estates Update

There are recent developments affecting trust and estate planning that may be of interest. Delay in regulations restricting valuation discounts. The IRS has proposed to prohibit the use of certain discounts when valuing interests in family-controlled properties and interests.  Recently, the IRS delayed the final regulations.  This estate-planning tool remains available for the time being. [...]

2016 Year-End Trusts and Estates Update2016-12-31T22:44:56+00:00

Trusts in Tennessee

The Greatness of Trusts It's amazing that the law actually allows you to leave your property to whomever you want, yet few people know to take advantage of Trusts. What is a Trust? A Trust is a legal document that allows a property owner to transfer title to the property to a Trustee who will manage [...]

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