3 Reasons Fathers Need to Establish Paternity Today

Fathers have rights in Tennessee. Every unmarried father should establish paternity of his child. If you are not married when your child is born, your child does not automatically have a legal father and you—even as the biological father--do not have any rights to your child.  If parents are unmarried when their child [...]

3 Reasons Fathers Need to Establish Paternity Today2017-01-16T22:36:20+00:00

Tennessee Parent Relocation Law

When parents in Tennessee get divorced (or non-married parents separate) they complete a document know as a parenting plan.  This parenting plan is an incredibly important legally enforceable document that outlines a wide variety of co-parenting arrangements.  Parenting plans also address the Tennessee Parent Relocation Law—or what happens when one parent wants to move out [...]

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