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Like any criminal charge, domestic violence offenses can carry severe penalties and unforeseen consequences for a convicted party. In addition, due to the close relationship of the parties involved in most cases like this, charges can also be embarrassing and carry social stigmas.

Being charged with a family violence crime can feel devastating. Having your reputation discredited, in addition to legal consequences, can be an overwhelming burden. Fortunately, a Columbia domestic violence lawyer can help defend your rights and reputation throughout your case. Schedule an initial consultation to speak with a trusted criminal defense attorney right away if you’ve been charged, or think you might be charged, with a crime from a domestic violence incident.

What is a Family Violence Crime in Columbia?

It is essential to note that domestic violence charges are not crimes on their own. A domestic abuse accusation is an enhancement charge that is added to an underlying crime. Because of this, it is required that the underlying crime is proven first.

Oftentimes, it involves a violent act between two parties that are closely related. Crimes frequently associated with family abuse include:

  • Domestic assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Child endangerment
  • Child abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Orders of protection

A well-versed domestic abuse attorney could help someone in Columbia refute these charges and protect an accused person’s innocence.

Domestic Charges for Emotional & Financial Abuse

The state recognizes physical acts of violence and intimidation, and deliberate forms of emotional abuse towards spouses and family members. Creating an emotionally or psychologically hostile environment for household members can be as harmful as being physically hostile.

For example, if one spouse verbally abuses the other, it can be considered domestic violence. Additionally, manipulation, purposely depriving someone of sleep, and withholding another person’s income or controlling their expenses are also family abuse. The courts recognize all of these scenarios as domestic abuse and can attach the enhancement charge where the proper conditions exist.

Anyone in Columbia who is accused of the scenarios above should seek help from a dedicated family violence attorney right away.

Penalties for Family Violence Charges

Because of the wide range of underlying crimes, the situations recognized by the state as domestic violence and the penalties of a charge can vary greatly. However, there are a few common consequences such as fines, probation, incarceration, community service, and court mandated rehabilitation.

Additionally, a convicted party may lose their custodial rights to their children. Particularly violent crimes may also result in a convicted person losing their right to purchase and possess a firearm.

Outside of court-related penalties, a convicted party may also find that their familial relationships and friendships are strained. The social stigma can also threaten a person’s current and future employment. An accomplished Columbia attorney could eradicate these penalties and stigmas through lowering or eliminating the domestic violence charges against an accused person.

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Do not allow your life and your reputation to derail because you have been charged with a crime like this. If facing a family abuse offense, it is crucial to put forth the best legal defense possible. Schedule a consultation with a Columbia domestic violence lawyer now.

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