Picture of Columbia, TN attorney Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder

With a catholic father from New York and an evangelical mother who grew up outside of Houston, Texas, Shawn learned to appreciate multiple sides and outlooks early on in life.  He welcomes conflict and differing opinions and views them as opportunities to learn something new.

Shawn’s naturally inclined to help people solve their disagreements before going to war and this mentality serves his family law clients well.  Most families don’t need to hire a warrior who views every encounter as a battle to be won; they need a lawyer who simply sees problems that need to be solved.

A native Texan, Shawn went to Texas A&M University where he double-majored in Political Science and English and also received a minor in History.

Shawn received his JD from South Texas College of Law.  While in law school he taught himself how to play guitar.  His guitar playing skills are very much on par with his singing ability, which is to say: they are both quite mediocre, but he entertains himself, and his wife, Lesley, is kind enough to humor him.

After law school, Shawn spent several years as the executive director of the Mediation Center in Columbia, Tennessee.  He is a Rule 31 mediator and has mediated hundreds of disputes.  In addition to his law practice, Shawn continues to regularly mediate divorces and custody disputes and is one of the premier family law mediators in the middle Tennessee area.

Shawn and Lesley are the proud parents of Stella, a fierce red-headed toddler who has stolen their hearts and countless hours of their sleep.